Sculptra is a collagen-building filler, ideally suited for:


  • Thinning face

  • Deeper folds and wrinkles

  • Sunken cheeks and temples

  • Drooping jowls and chin



Because Sculptra works by building collagen, the effect is not immediate, builds up after a series of injections over a period of time.  The effect of Sculptra is to add volume to the face rather than to specifically fill wrinkles.  I find it works especially well for deeper folds, sunken cheeks and temples, and drooping jowls .


When you come in for a complimentary consultation, we'll discuss your goals for treatment as well as your time frame and your budget.  Depending on the amount of volume you have lost in your face, it can take a fair amount of filler to produce a full correction.  Nevertheless, even a single vial of Sculptra can be gratifying for many patients.  It's OK to start small and add more correction over time, until you reach the results you desire.



Sculptra works gradually, developing its effect over a period of weeks to months.  Results often look their best between 3-4 months as in the series of injections shown above.  Results last up to 2 years.


A vial of Sculptra costs $800.  A half a vial is $500 .  It is not necessary to join a "club" to get this price.  Be sure to check our specials for promotional pricing.


Injections can sting so we offer the use of a topical anesthetic at no additional charge.  


Comprehensive information about Sculptra  is available from  Valeant.

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